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Modem du FAI Darty, il se compose de deux boîtier : un dédié à Internet et à la téléphonie l’autre à la TV. Il est fabriqué par une société tierce.
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Posté le 12 avril 2012 à 10h29

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Posté le 29 mars 2017 à 22h34

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Posté le 23 mai 2017 à 11h20

With a prime location in front of Masteri Thao Dien - District 2 always get anxiety from KH. It can be said that this is the time to not miss the chance of owning a quality apartment that is strategically located in a civilized metropolis connecting Thu Thiem financial center with a medium size area that is easy to buy, Easy to rent and reasonable price.

To meet the demand for rest, peaceful and quiet living thanks to isolated gates, the second building is to build complex with 5-star living facilities such as garden, playground, mini supermarket, house Cafes, cafeterias, kindergartens, medical centers, spas, gyms, swimming pools ...

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Understanding the need to buy a house in Vietnam, along with the vision and goals of Masteri Thao Dien, the Bank is committed to funding the project and is committed to paying all benefits to you in accordance with regulations. Defined in the contract where the apartment is not handed over on time under the purchase contract.

KH care Masteri Thao Dien contact PKD right will be given priority to choose beautiful location, preferential price and enjoy the most preferential policies from investors. Hotline: 0976 326 927

Posté le 25 juin 2018 à 10h33

thanks for sharing
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